Aranjuez, 18 a 20 de Junio

Strategy, change and business networks

The main purpose of the Annual Conference of Asociación Científica de Economía y Dirección de la Empresa (ACEDE) is to provide a space for debate and reflection about topics related with Management, with a deep sense of academic and scientific rigor.

The 27th ACEDE Conference will take place in Aranjuez (Madrid) under the generic theme Strategy, change and business networks. It aims to focus on the main challenges faced by the firms in a dynamic and complex context stemming from different aspects, such as an endless economic crisis, the globalization of markets, the accelerating pace of technological innovations or the demographic and cultural changes affecting the new generations.

Confronted with this situation, the firms need to choose an adequate strategy to face it, in a permanently and deeply changing environment, both internally and externally, which demands continuous adaptation. In order to do so, they need to use an integrative strategic thinking and to contemplate the whole picture in order to put together the pieces of this puzzle. So, some of the most relevant concerns for both society and firms are currently technological and organizational innovation, business portfolio restructuring, the creation of new businesses, the reconsideration of past obsolete policies, and the continuous changes in organizations, people and management.

Given the complicated nature of these challenges, firms will not be easily able to face them without cooperating with external agents through business networks, in order to achieve the resources and capabilities they need under the best possible conditions. This has led to a growing interest in alliances, cooperation agreements and institutional collaboration, either at a national or international level, which can enable the companies to face such a dynamic and complex context.

Academic institutions cannot remain isolated from globalization and change. Therefore, this Conference contemplates its own internationalization as a key feature. So, the participation of academics coming from different countries will be fostered, and English becomes for the first time, along with Spanish, an official language of the Conference. We consider that the academic reflections should cover the widest possible range, considering different approaches, methodologies, countries and cultures, within the research field of Management studies.

Also, in order to stress the aforementioned need for cooperation through business networks, this Conference has been set out as an alliance between Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and Universidad Complutense de Madrid, both trying to put the best of their own teams, resources, capabilities and knowledge at the stake to achieve a common goal which would be more difficult to reach alone.

This way, the Organizing Committee of the 27th ACEDE Conference encourages the national and international scientific community working in the Management disciplines to contribute to knowledge development and management practice through the submission of papers to be presented at the Conference, which will be held from the 18th to the 20th of June, 2017, in Aranjuez (Madrid, Spain)