11th Run-ACEDE

Dear colleague and runner: 

The event is almost here and we are closing the details such as the 11th ACEDE meetup to Run. 

This year we will trot through the city of A Coruña. The organization has suggested the beautiful and feasible circuit you can find in the image below. The proposed sections run along the seafront of the city; they are quite flat and we will be surrounded by the sea. 

Given the schedules of the Conference, the plan is to meet at the Monumento a los Héroes del Orzán –Monument to the Heroes of Orzan- (it separates Riazor beach and Orzán beach) on Sunday 16.06.2019, at 11.30 am, and on Tuesday 18.06.2019, at 07.00 am. From there, we will run about 8-9 kms. Runners and walkers of any level are welcome. 

For Sunday I propose to get to the "Bar O Portiño" 4.5 km from the starting point.  It is a typical bar from which the sunsets are spectacular, there we can make a stop to drink and take a tapa, regain strenghts to return by the same route (another 4.5 km) to our hotels.


On Tuesday we would start from the same point, but go in the opposite direction, on the way to the Tower of Hercules, the shelter dyke and its maritime control tower, going all the way around  the part of the city tucked into the sea. It is an easy route of 5.9 km that ends in the center of the city, at a point that makes it easy for us to return to the different hotels (adds 1 - 1.5 km more or less).


For more information do not hessitate to contact Paco Puig ( or Susana Barbeito (

Kind regards,

Paco Puig