Valladolid, 24 al 26 de junio

Generating and Transferring Knowledge in a Changing and Interconnected Society

The main purpose of the Annual Conference of Asociación Científica de Economía y Dirección de la Empresa (ACEDE) is to provide a space for debate and reflection about topics related with Business, with a deep sense of academic and scientific rigor.

The 28th ACEDE Conference will take place in Valladolid (Spain) under the generic theme “Generating and Transferring Knowledge in a Changing and Interconnected Society”. With this moto we aim to focus the debate on one of the main challenges that firms must address nowadays: operating in a society in a social scenario characterized by a high connectivity among individuals. It is in this scenario where new ideas arise and are interchanged, and where new business opportunities arise too.

Confronted with these challenges, firms need a permanent adaptation that requires being ready for the change. The strategies that traditionally ensured the sustained corporate success are no longer valid, and managers are more and more expected to be creative and innovative in terms of business strategy and knowledge management through relations with multiple agents. Consequently, a number of concepts such as open innovation, collective intelligence, intermediaries for innovation, crowdfunding or crowdsourcing have become more and more familiar among academia and practitioners.

Knowledge has become relevant not only inside the boundaries of the firms but the knowledge sharing is now a social asset that must be promoted in the society. The societies that provide the best solutions to this challenge will be those with the highest and most efficient economic growth. In turn, it is also necessary to design and implement social means and structures to enhance the creation of new knowledge and to stimulate the knowledge sharing among multiple agents.

At the same time, the changing set of relations both inside and outside the firms translates into an environment that firms must take into account. The new possibilities brought in by the modern communications lead to societies and markets in which the firms must compete and whose resources must exploit optimally. In turn, it make sense the need of a view further the limits of the own social and geographical environment to reach a wider context.

Academic institutions cannot remain isolated from globalization and change. Therefore, following the successful pioneering experience of the 27th Conference held in Aranjuez, we aim to go on the internationalization process. Consequently, the participation of academics coming from different countries will be welcomed, and English becomes, along with Spanish, an official language of the Conference. We consider that the academic reflections should cover the widest possible range, considering different approaches, methodologies, countries and cultures, within the research field of business studies.

This way, the Organizing Committee of the 28th ACEDE Conference invites the national and international scientific community working in the Management disciplines (business strategy, marketing, corporate finance, human resources management, operations management, etc.) to contribute to knowledge development and management practice through the submission of papers to be presented at the Conference, which will be held from the 24th to the 26th of June, 2018, in Valladolid (Spain).