Conference Venue

The Conference Venue is the Faculty of Economics and Business of University of A Coruña. This faculty has some spaces and an exceptional location in the campus. In addition, it has a complete installation with all the necessary technical means for the realization of all kinds of activities, meetings, conferences, symposiums, etc.

The Faculty of Economics and Business is located next to the architectural complex of Elviña fort in the south of the town hall of A Coruña. The castro of Elviña is located on the top of a mound of 120 m, a strategic position in the region regarding communication systems, both terrestrial and maritime. In recent years it has been subject to archaeological actions and the consolidation of structures in order to adapt it to its value. It is composed of three fortified enclosures, and the two lower ones are juxtaposed to the superior with an area of 24,150 m2. This complex has been a meeting point for people from other castros in the area and is the result of more than 400 years of habitation and the coexistence of cultures. It is an area surrounded by mystery and legends, with its treasure and its fantastic beings: the mouros.

The web address is: Faculty of Economics and Business