Authors (discussion papers)

Guidelines for the “interactive tables” presentations

Roundtables discusssion are desinged to share and exhange ideas in a more intimate format, especially for "working in progress" papers. The main goal is to receive positive feedback to improve them.

It IS ADVISABLE to make a reduced formal presentation in Power Point (no more than 5 slides), to facilitate the exchange of ideas and thus the authors of works will be able to discuss informally. The President of each table will be in charge of coordinating the session and briefly commenting on the papers presented, fostering discussion among the rest of the authors and those attending the session.

The time of each session is divided into two phases. In the first phase, all the work of the table is exposed and in the second phase the work is debated by the members of the table. The chairman acts as a moderator so that times are respected and also make comments and suggestions. The authors in the interactive tables will have a maximum time of 10 minutes to present their work and the support of audiovisual media (Power Point) is recommended. Please scrupulously comply with this rule to guarantee the correct development of the session.

The format of the interactive tables is different from the oral presentations. Therefore, the authors should focus on the following three aspects:

  1. The topic of the research paper and discuss why it´s interesting.
  2. The main findings of the work. Explain how they have been reached and to what extent it is an advancement in the literature and hence in the scientific knowledge.
  3. Which are the future research lines.

The second phase of the session dedicated to debate should have the following objectives:

  1. Provide suggestions for the improvement of the work.
  2. Determine how specific ideas of each study presented at the interactive tables could benefit the future development of the rest of the participant works of a particular table.