The organizing committee has developed agreements with seventeen hotels in Alicante. Below you can find the hotels, contact e-mails and their webpages:

(1) Casa Alberola Alicante Curio Collection by Hilton [; Webpage]

(2) Ibis Hotel Alicante [; Webpage]

(3) Ibis Budget Alicante [; Webpage]

(4) La City Mercado y La City Estación [; Webpage]

(5) Hotel Leuka [; Webpage]

(6) Hotel Almirante [; Webpage]

(7) AC Alicante by Marriott [; Webpage]

(8) Hotel Eurostars Mediterránea Plaza [; Webpage]

(9) Hotel Boutique Calas de Alicante [; Webpage]

(10) Hotel Eurostars Lucentum [; Webpage]

(11) Hotel Meliá Alicante [; Webpage]

(12) Hotel Daniya Alicante [; Webpage]

(13) Dormirdcine Alicante [; Webpage]

(14) Hotel Maya Alicante [; Webpage]

(15) Hotel NH Alicante [; Webpage]

(16) Spa Porta Maris & Suites el Mar by Meliá [; Webpage]

(17) Hotel ALlicante Gran Sol Affiliated by Meliá [; Webpage].


The hotels with offer codes are the following:

Casa Alberola Alicante Curio Collection by Hilton: ACEDE23 (10% off)

La City Mercado y La City Estación: Congresoacede2023 (10% off)

Hotel Almirante: ALMIRANTE10 (10% off)

Hotel Boutique Calas de Alicante: ACEDE23 (15% off)

Hotel Eurostars Lucentum: ACEDELUC (10% off)

Hotel Meliá Alicante: dynamic rates depending on how far in advance you book through THIS LINK.

   -15% discount with 90 or more days in advance.

   -10% discount between 15 and 89 days in advance.

   -5% discount with less than 15 days in advance.

Hotel Maya Alicante: ACEDE (15% off)

Spa Porta Maris & Suites del Mar by MELIÁ: using the code ACEDE (12% off) when booking by email or phone (+34) 965 147 021.

Hotel Alicante Gran Sol affiliated by Meliá: reduced prices when booking through THIS LINK.