Submitting Papers/ Instructions

You can consult the important dates of the conference here.

Papers will be sent to the Conference scientific committee through a platform for paper submission.

In the paper management system, authors should:

Enter as users in the paper management system:

  • 1. Enter in the paper management system: WITH THIS LINK

  • 2. Go to the tab “Documentation” and then “My documents”.

  • 3. To send a paper, you will be asked to identify yourself with your user account. If you aren’t a registered user, you will be asked to register.

  • 4. Once you are registered, in the section “My documents”, click on “Add document”.

  • 5. Choose theme of the paper.

  • 6. Upload a version of the work without author information, following the “Anonymous Model Acede 2020” template, which you will find below. In addition to following the model, please read the instructions for anonymous document preparation.

  • 7. Upload the version of the work with author information, following the “Final Model Acede 2020” template.

  • 8. Fill in the classification information requested by the system.

  • 9. Fill in author information.

To prepare the “thesis projects”, please read the detailed instructions available in the Authors Doctoral Workshop section.

Papers will be accepted in either Spanish or English. Papers must be original and new (not previously published), and should not exceed 40 double-spaced pages, including text, graphics, tables, notes, and bibliography.

Templates for paper submission:


The maximum file size the system will support is 6 megabites.

Conference organization contact: